Interior Decorating

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Quinta Style Large studio & showroom (600m2). Inspirations and ideas for homes and hotels. The easiest way to a complete interior. Bespoke headboards, cushions, tables, curtains, blinds, sofas, chairs, and much more. Ref: 1011
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A stunning showroom displaying elegant and contemporary furniture and soft furnishings in beautifully presented room settings. We have the largest soft furnishings fabric collection and a making-up service of the highest quality. Ref: 46
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The Curtain Centre
Our showroom has one of the largest selection of fabrics in the Algarve, with a wide range of curtain, blind, outdoor and upholstery fabrics. Also available, complementary carpets & rugs. E: Ref: 602
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Dutch price-busting specialist offers large stock of wholesale interior/exterior furnishings and accessories. Curtains, sofas and beds for immediate delivery. Turnkey design projects in contemporary and traditional styles. Ref: 623
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Algarve Quality Painters
For professional painting & decorating, waterproofing of terraces & roofs and many other works. We have the best correlation between price, quality materials and quality work - all for the satisfaction of our clients. E: Ref: 1061
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Maquedones Decor
1,500m2 showroom. A superb selection of furniture, bedding, linens, upholstery, towels, cushions, rugs, chandeliers, ceiling fans, decorative lamps, bathroom & kitchen Ref: 689
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Propaint Lda
Professional painting and decorating, wallpapering and special paint effects. We also treat metalwork and woodwork and re-spray kitchen units. All work guaranteed. Ref: 1007

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