Restaurant Listing Guide

On this site we have grouped restaurants into the following categories which are intended to give some indication as to price and formality.

Michelin Star

  • These restaurants have been an internationally-recognised award by professional reviewers, so diners can expect the highest standards. The service will be excellent and formal.

Fine Dining

  • Here there is some attempt to produce a special ambience. The staff will be uniformed and trained and service good. Guests would generally be expected to dress nicely themselves. Food will be served with an emphasis on quality and special presentation. There will be a good choice of wines. The premises will usually have a separate staffed bar. Prices relatively expensive. These restaurants usually expect children to remain quiet and seated, or they may provide a separate play area.

Smart Casual

  • here the restaurant has a good informal ambience and table service. Effort is made with the lighting and appearance of the premises. Guests are not necessarily expected to dress-up. The food will still be well presented. The premises would usually have a separate bar. Prices would be more moderate.

Fair Value

  • these restaurants place emphasis on good portions and value for money. There is table service but there may not be a lot of effort in creating a 'special' ambience or lighting. However, the restaurants are often busy and cheerful and can sometimes be noisy too. Families are welcome.